Gobertia is a technological solution for the smooth running of management bodies. It promotes digitalization, facilitates compliance with Good Corporate Governance regulations and offers a maximum security environment.

It improves the efficiency, security and coordination of management bodies through digitalization.

It allows the implementation of best governance practices.

It provides a multi-device application that allows secure access to relevant information, effective organization and control and optimal team communication.


Diary management

Call meetings and synchronize the diaries of those attending.


Incorporating a voting function.


Management and filing of the minutes of meetings, board meetings and committees, incorporating a search tool.


Organization and monitoring of to-do lists.


Filing and classification of relevant information. Simple search method for information and related matters. Quick access.

Activity tracking

Gives directors an environment of legal certainty (safe harbor) in which to carry out their work.

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  • No need for technical knowledge.
  • Simple, straightforward implementation.
  • Accessible anywhere.
  • Gobertia ToGo (Tablet), allows offline access.
  • Continuous support to the Company Secretary, Directors, etc. (24×5 – 24×7)
  • Distribution of roles.
  • Segmented information visibility for each user and document.
  • Easy access to information:
    • Simple information access and document search process.
    • Ability to act on information
  • Flexible solution, adaptable to every need.
    • SaaS or On-Premise implementation.
    • Customized to the needs and environment of our customers.
    • Available in 8 languages.
  • Traceability of activity.
  • Strict access control.
  • The information remains under the control of the Company.


Good governance

Contributes to the success of the Management Bodies, helping to prepare meetings while adding value, providing solutions and avoiding risks.


Optimizes the effectiveness of Management Bodies, saving time and unnecessary costs. All information is available in a single environment.


Offers reassurance by ensuring the traceability of actions taken and guaranteeing the responsible performance of directors within a framework of Good Corporate Governance.


Provides security, autonomy and total confidentiality in management.


Simplifies the management of information, saving time and allowing maximum precision.

Ease of Use

Eliminates complexity and allows the unified management of several bodies and companies.


Allows rapid, personalized access to information. Offline access via Tablet allows the preparation of meetings at any time.


Ensures operational control.


  • Simplifies and automates the management and control of information and agendas.
  • Provides activity reports.
  • A single tool for the comprehensive management of the organizations and companies.
  • Encourages communication with directors.
  • Independence and Autonomy.
  • Accessibility of information.
  • Facilitates the search for information.
  • Guarantees confidentiality and transparency.
  • Ensures that directors are informed and the team is organized, and that Good Governance practices are followed.
  • Allows the control of the management bodies of investee companies.
  • Facilitates the management and traceability of information from multiple companies belonging to a single corporation.
  • Promotes digitalization in Companies. Controls the security standards of company information.
  • Improves communication.
  • Contributes to the satisfaction of Management Bodies
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